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Children's Special Allowance


On March 19, 2024, an Agreement in Principle was reached between the Province of Manitoba and Class Counsels to settle three Children’s Special Allowance (CSA) Class Action Lawsuits which sought compensation for past and current provincially funded children-in-care of Child and Family Services Agencies (CFS Agencies) in Manitoba, whose CSA benefit was clawed back or withheld between January 1, 2005 to March 31, 2019. The Province agreed in principle to pay $530 million.

News & Updates

EXG is Claims Administrator for Flette and Lavallee Actions

Exchange Solutions Inc. (EXG) has been engaged as the Claims Administrator for the Indigenous CFS Agencies (Flette) Action and Non-Indigenous CFS Agencies (Lavallee) Action.

To receive updates about the Claims Process, please contact the Claims Administrator Information Line at: 1-844-947-7101 or by email at

Click here for a list of CFS Agencies included under the Flettee and Lavallee Actions.

Current and former Children-in-Care claimants of a Métis CFS Agency (Lafontaine Class Action) have a separate Claims Administrator (further information about the Métis CFS Agency’s Claims Administration will the provided once it is available).

Claims Administration Information Line Now Open​

The Claims Administrator Information Line is now open and provides information about the status of the claims administration process. You can access the toll-free Information Line by calling 1-844-947-7101.

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Listen to the Information Line Message

What are the next steps?

The AIP (Agreement in Principle) is awaiting Court approval and is structured to return every dollar plus interest to the children involved. Court approval is tentatively set for September 5 & 6, 2024, with efforts to schedule an earlier urgent hearing.

Notices regarding the Settlement Approval Hearing, providing information on how to object or opt out, will be distributed by a specified date in 2024 through various channels including newspapers and social media, targeting potential class members including First Nations communities.

Following court approval, the settlement funds will be distributed to eligible class members who file a claim with the Claims Administrator.​ 

You can sign up for updates, and be notified about objection and opt outs directly.

Image by Melissa Askew
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